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Model with Braid

All About Morgan Lange-Westmoreland

I have always been obsessed with clothes since before I can remember.

During grade school, I’d always get in trouble for doodling on my worksheets instead of completing them – especially when it came to my dreaded language class. It was during 3rd Grade that I realized I wanted to be a fashion designer when I grew up and ever since then my dream has been to become a head designer for a company.

I am inspired by anything and everything. I like looking at forecasted trends to see what’s coming and sometimes I’ll put together some ideas, or I’ll find images of things I like or am obsessed with at the moment and collage them out and put different ideas together. 

As I approach the senior year of my Fashion Design degree at Stephens College I am looking for an opportunity to join an organization where I can use my creative design skills to aid in the growth of the company by creating unique designs and pieces.

Beauty is everywhere. I’ve learned to express this through fashion, and since 2000 it has become my life’s work. From a young age, I understood I had a calling, and I’m lucky to have found success in my vocation.


This Fashion Design Portfolio is inspired by the unusual and by the ordinary, by the colors provided and the colors created, by mother earth and the universe. I follow trends and apply them to my work, always trying to stay ahead of the curve. Interested in collaborating on a future project? Let’s be in touch!

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