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California dreamin': Activewear line for amputees 

For This collection, we had to create something for the handicapped.  Whether that was an amputee, skin disorder, burns, a nervus system syndrome, etc...

I decided to do amputees and had the idea of wanting to create activewear for them that was easy to get on and off and fit their prosthetic.  The idea behind this collection and making activewear easier for amputees to put on was the closures.  in all the pants there would be a thick strip of thin velcro that could move with them and not be too bulky.  The bras are all from closures with magnetic snaps in the center on the inside of the left or right inner breast.

The inspiration for this collection was California.  Because when I think of Cali, I think adventure, LA, the beach, palm trees everywhere, Pacific Coast Highway, Mountains; you name it, California probably has it.

Here is the color story again over some fabrics.  The actual fabrics that id use (some a little different color).  And the first illustrations that I did when thinking about the inspiration and colors.

Final Illistrations

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