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Technical Design

All the work you see below was done with Southern Gents LLC.  Working directly with the CEO/Creative Director we collaborate on the overall design ideas for each piece.  I am then responsible for creating each tech pack. 

All line art is completed in Adobe Illustrator.  The tech packs done pre March 2022 were done in Microsoft Excel.  From March 2022 forward all tech packs were built in Adobe InDesign.


Duffle Coat


Car Coat

Our goal was to create two similar yet very different overcoats.  One having a bold statement design in a strong bright orange and powerful olive green.  The second coat having a simple design yet coming in a variety of fun plaids and interesting houndstooth fabrics.


Puffer vest with detachable hood

In creating a unique puffer vest design, we focused on adding a detachable hood and a sleek, classy stitch pattern.  This vest is also "double stuffed" to ensure the puff structure holds over time and no gapping occurs between puff sections.



This overshirt was designed to be worn between fall winter and spring in all regions of the country. 





The creative director was looking for a sleek and tailored leather jacket.  The dramatic, pointed collar is a significant feature in this design.

Leather Trucker

These versatile trousers allow the busy and health conscious professional go from office to gym with ease.  Having special features from streatch fabric to the adjustable lower leg, the male professional is dressed for work and a workout.

Shearling Coat



Shearling Jacket

Here we designed a Shearling coat and jacket.  Although they are very similar in style there are detailed variations between them.  The collar is purposely not folded to ensure the manufacturer understands that the collar needs to be strong enough to stand on its own.

Stretch Trouser



Tipped knit polo


Striped Knit Polo

We want to create a knit polo that attracts various demographic groups.  These three styles were a collaborative decision paired down from five.


Cable Knit polo


Shawl Lapel Tuxedo Jacket


Peak Lapel Tuxedo Jacket

The two Tuxedo Jackets only differ in the lapel design; shawl and peaked.  The body of the jackets are the same, having the classic tuxedo structure.


Low Cut Tuxedo Vest

The low-cut vest allows versatility to the overall tuxedo look.  The low-cut design was chosen so the vest essentially does not show when the jacket is buttoned.


Tuxedo Pant

Classic Tuxedo Pant with the traditional satin side panel. 

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